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Townlands of the Parish

Townland Gaeilge Meaning
Acres Na h-Acraí A division of land
Aghagrania Achadh Ghráinne Gráinne's (Grace's) field
Aghnagollop Achadh na gColpa Field of the heifers
Ardcolum Ard Choilm Height of the pigeon
Aughriman (E)Achra Mín A cleared (as opposed to wooded) area for horses
Barnameenagh Barr na Mianach Summit of the mines
Blackrock Carraig Dhubh Black rock
Carrickbaun Carraig Bhán White rock
Carricknabrack Carraig na mBreac Rock of the trouts
Corderay Cor -'dir-Dhá Réidh Round hill between two levels
Corlough Cor Locha Round hill of the lake
Corloughlin Cor Lochlainn Loughlin's (or stranger's) hill
Cormeeltan Cor Míoltan Hill of the midges
Cormongan Cor Mongain Mongan's (or Mangin's) hill
Cornacranaghy Cor na Crannaighe Hill of the trees
Cornamuddagh Cor na mBodach Hill of the clowns (or curmudgeons)
Cornaroy Cor na Ruaidhe Reddish brown hill, probably from ferns
Cornashamsogue Cor na Seamsóg Round hill of the wood-sorrel
Corryard Cora(í) Ard High weirs (possibly high hills)
Creenagh Críonach Dry or decayed wood
Crey (Creagh) Créach Brake or shrubbery
Crotty Crutaigh "Humpy" fields
Curraghill Corra Choill Hill of the hazel
Deffier Duibh-Fhéar nó Dubh-Ithir Blackish grass or black earth
Derrintober Doire an Tobair Oak grove of the well
Derrintonny Doire an Tonnaigh Oak grove of the mound
Derryhallagh Doire Shalach Muddy or miry oak grove
Derrynaseer Doire na Saor Wood of the tradesmen (probably carpenters)
Derryteigeroe Doire Thaidhg Ruaidhe Red Tadhg's wood
Dorrusawillin Doras a'Mhuillinn Entrance to the mill
Dristernaun Dris-Ternán A brambly (briary) place
Drumcoora Droim Chumhra Sweet-scented ridge
Drumcroman Droim Chromáin Croman's ridge or sloping ridge
Drumderg Droim Dearg Red ridge
Drumduff North Droim Damh Ridge of the oxen
Drumgorman Droim Ghormáin Blue-tinted ridge
Drumhall Droim Thall Yonder ridge
Drumhalwy Droim Thalmhaigh Landed ridge (cleared of forest)
Drumhauver Droim Shábhar nó Tháthmhar Sawyer's ridge or tufted ridge
Drumherriff Droim Thairbh Ridge of the bull
Drumkeelan Beg Droim Chaoláin Bhig Ridge of the small isthmus (land between lakes)
Drumkeelan More Droim Chaoláin Mhóir Ridge of the large isthmus (land between lakes)
Drumleague Droim Liag Ridge of the stones
Drumshanbo Droim Sean-Mháigh Ridge of the old plain
Greaghfarnagh Gréach na Fearna (Mountain) Slope of the alder
Greaghnaguillaun Gréach na gCuillean (Mountain) Slope of the hollies
Greaghrevagh Gréach Riabhach Mottled (or fallow) slope
Kilmaghera Coill Machaire Wood of the plain
Knocknasowna Cnoc na Samhna Hill of November (sports)
Laragan Leargán Hill slope
Largan Mountain Sliabh Leargáin Mountain above the slope
Lavaur Leath-Bhárr Halfway up (to Barnameenagh)
Lisbrockan Lios Braicín nó Brocain Fort of the badger (or wattled shed)
Lisconor Lios Conair Fort of the defile or narrow gorge
Lustia Loiste A fertile piece of land
Mahanagh Meathánach A place for slits for sieves
Mohercrevagh (Glebe) Mothar Craobhach A ruin surrounded by a cluster of trees
Moherlea Mothar Liath Grey ruin
Moneynure Muine an Iubhair A yew tree shrubbery
Mullaghsullagh Mullach Salach Muddy or soggy hill
Murhaun Múrthán A little rampart or fortification.  According to the late Mr Joseph Mooney M.C.C., the stones from the old church in this townland were used to build the church of St. Patrick.  Hence, the parish of Murhaun.
Roscunnish Rosc an Ois Eye of the deer
Shancurry Sean-Choraidh Old weir
Sheskinacurry Seisceann a'Churraigh Marsh of the curragh (moor)
Shramore Sraith Mór Large river holm
Tooravey Tuar-Éabhaidh Paddock (or hill) of the aspen tree

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