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An Easter Thank You :: Fr. Frankie


An Easter Thank You.
Easter is a time of joy beyond words.  The yellow whin bush speaks of the light along the roadway.  The daffodil bows its head in a prayer of adoration. The birds sing with joy in the Garden of Hope, in the breaking light of every new dawn. The trees burst forth their hope and joy in every bud. Jesus is alive.
“Because He lives, We can face tomorrow.
 Because He lives, All fear is gone”
Thank you to all the people who helped  us to live the Passion that leads to      Resurrection this Easter time. I thank you the  Choirs and Servers, the Altar    Society, Collectors and Counters , Ministers of the Word and the Eucharist, The Sacristans and especially you the people of faith and prayer.  On your behalf I thank the Sisters of Mercy and the Poor Clare Sisters  who keep a space of prayer for all of you, that is a space of calm and reassurance and hope, as beautiful as the Convent garden of Springtime and Resurrection.
To all of you, who make me humble and grateful and proud to serve as your priest in this              parish… Thank You.                               (Fr. Frankie